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HuMans Hungarian Managers Jobportal is not an executive search company. We are a team of consultants in the field of Executive search, Recruitment, Talent Acquisition and Organizational Development, who has created a platform for senior managers where they can find related information about relevant job openings and requisitions in Hungary.

Beside other job portals or social media platforms aiming to cover all function and seniority level, HuMans wishes to integrate public and confidential search information about managerial openings only.

Executive, director, head, manager, supervisor, team lead – the scope of responsibility defines the seniority level.

Registering in worldwide database is fancy but it always raises the question that how effective this one and only registration can be. An active jobseeker has to be proactive, taking advantage of every tool and channel available in order to get as visible as possible.

BUT the ultimate way is to show the Hiring Team yourself and submit you application to an opening. It is inevitable to do self-marketing this way. As the expertise, the location, the timing will not enable any headhunter to find you, so YOU have to find the opportunity.

Executive Jobs in Hungary.

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Executive and management jobs in Hungary.

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